What is Senge XYZ?

Senge is the Chinese pinyin name of Brother Woods, and XYZ represents the three-dimensional coordinate system of space. In May 2021, I began to publish some mining/farming videos on YouTube, and I met many like-minded mining/farming friends. In order to better communicate with my miner and farmer brothers, a website platform senge.xyz is created. If any new software products are developed in the future, I will show them here.

If I have any software or farming/mining questions, how can I get answers?

You can leave a message directly under the video of Sengge YouTube. Or join Senge’s Telegram group to ask questions, where there are many experienced and enthusiastic friends.

How many miners do you have? How many terabytes of computing power?

At present, there are a total of 9 ploting and farming machines in Senge’s basement. The computing power is around 600TB. The picture of the main miners/farmers are as follows:

Senge's machines

When did you start mining Chia coins and how many xch do you own now?

Senge started to farming the Chia coins in mid-to-late April 2021, and built a group of small mining machines using personal desktops. Currently has a double-digit XCH and many fork coins.

In addition to mining Chia coins, does Senge mine other coins?

Sengo only farms/mines Chia and its various fork coins, such as Flax, Goji, Kale and so on.

Do you provide consulting services and how are you charged?

Senge provides consulting services related to software engineering and development. The cost is $99/hour, and the price may vary according to different projects. Email inquiries are welcome.