About Me

I am a software engineer born in mainland China and currently living in the United States. He has nearly 20 years of work and academic experience in the field of software and engineering. He has worked in various software companies and led the research and development of many software products and won praise in the industry. Not only has a deep understanding of software code and architecture, but also has a professional perspective and processing methods for engineering, requirements, and products.

In April 2021, the Chia cryptocurrency became popular on the entire network. I was also involved in the mining tide for the first time. Through this opportunity, I also gained a very in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and I mastered it in a very short period of time. I have learned a series of important skills such as mining and issuing coins, and I am willing to share knowledge and make friends. I have met many friends and partners on YouTube channels and telegram groups.

Having lived in China and the United States for many years, I can not only communicate fluently in both Chinese and English, but also have a deep understanding of Chinese and Western cultures. Honesty and truthfulness, drinking water and thinking about the source have always been my life creed.


My professional skills include: software product design and architecture, proficient programming languages including but not limited to C/C++, Python.

In my spare time, I can make woodwork, play guitar, and sing. In addition, I am also good at stand-up comedy.

My Customers and Partnerss