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A professional software engineer who likes farming/mining cryptocurrency.

Senge's website is live!

Hello everyone, I am your Senge.

Here is the official homepage of Senge. Welcome every friend who comes. On this site I sshare some text-related content, such as programming, mining/farming, and some experiences and interesting things in life. Some independent software developed in the future will also be shared here for the first time. The permanent domain name of this site is

Friends who are familiar with Senge’s YouTube channel and videos know that Senge is a loyal farmer of Chia (XCH) cryptocurrency. He also has a deep understanding of Chia and his own unique perspective. Like-minded friends are welcome to join the Senge’s Telegram group to share information and help each other.

Senge is a software engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, good at enterprise software engineering, proficient in various types of programming languages, and has deep attainments and understanding of applied mathematics, physics, and engineering disciplines. Senge also provides technical consulting services. If you have any needs or cooperation intentions, please feel free to contact me via email.

The content of this site and Senge’s comments do not constitute any cryptocurrency investment advice.

Released under the open source Apache License.

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Chia and Forks

Networks and price of Chia and its popular forks.